Sunday, January 24, 2010

Have A Musical Day

Have A Musical Day
Have A Musical Day.
Garwood, NJ.
Summer 2007.
Holga 120CFN.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Jawbox at the World Beat Center.
San Diego, CA.
Mid 90's.

Jawbox became one of my favorite bands on my first listen to their first seven inch record. I was lucky to see them a number of times. Of the photos I'm made of them, this one is my favorite. J. Robbins took part in NPR's Project Song and in the video NPR made, this photo shows up. Kind of cool. Here's the video.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Record collection.
Sometime in 2007.
Polaroid Job Pro.

Music is a really wonderful thing. I've been surrounded by music for all my life, which has instilled in me a great love of all sorts of music. That love of music has manifested itself into a decent sized record collection. Exactly how many records are in that collection, I've never known. If anyone asked, I usually guessed about a thousand or so. Of course not knowing how many records I had sometimes also meant forgetting some of the records that were in that collection. There were more than a couple of occasions of coming home with what I thought was a great find, only to find that record already in the collection. I had been meaning to catalog my collection to avoid such occasions, but the amount of records that I have made the task seem a bit daunting and overwhelming. Until my wife stepped in. She properly kicked me in the bum and got me going. And so far, this task has been far from daunting or overwhelming. It's been quite a fun stroll down memory lane. It's also providing me with an exact number of records. I've gotten through the seven and ten inch records and the number is nearing eight hundred. Thus making my previous guesses of a thousand records fall far short. What this record collection is worth on the open market does not matter to me at all. I'm not doing this to put a dollar amount to the collection. I'm doing this just to know what I've got. While these records may or may not be valuable on the market, they are all very valuable to me in their own special way.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge.
Summer 2009.